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Our Overview

Cadre is a major North American recruitment firm that connects highly qualified, mid-level to senior employees with the most sought-after opportunities in their field.

Our ability to create long-term connections with our clients’ HR departments, as well as mutually beneficial ties with the market’s best prospects in a number of disciplines, is the driving force behind our success. Our recruiters are in a position to discover, qualify, and place the best candidate for each position.

Full-Cycle Solutions

Cadre delivers strategic, full-cycle search solutions for mid-level to senior roles, as well as consulting services to our clients in areas that go beyond standard search needs.

Cadre also offers outsourced recruitment and human resources initiatives, as well as advice. Within today’s competitive
skilled labour market, our Technical and Manufacturing Recruitment practice specializes in locating hard-to-find candidates and hidden talent pools with engineering expertise, technical competencies, and management capabilities.

Our Framework

Cadre’s collaborative approach is critical to its staffing success, ensuring that each partner has in-depth knowledge of all clients and can respond to ad hoc requests at any stage of an assignment. This shared information eliminates the drawbacks of relying on a single point of contact and when combined with 24-hour access, allows for speedy responses to customer demands.

Cadre has a strong recruiting reputation in the manufacturing industry across Canada, and we have dedicated resources to ensure that we have well-established networks and contacts.

Successful Recruiting

A component of our success is built on our recruitment experience for positions with some of the largest Canadian defence, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, power and transportation companies. Cadre is currently engaged in and has successfully recruited for positions including:

Get in Touch

To learn more about the many ways Cadre serves the technical and manufacturing industry or for answers to specific questions, please contact us directly.

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