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Our Overview

Cadre’s Partners have provided technical recruitment and project support services to the transportation industry for over 25 years. Cadre has successfully supported clients in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, La Pocatière, Kingston, Vancouver, Boise, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York (City and State), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington to name a few.

Multiple product lines including Metro, LRV, Monorail, APM, Bi-level and high speed have been supported by Cadre directly.

Full-Cycle Solutions

In a specialized business like transportation, networking and mapping key contacts and competitors remain the most important aspect of recruitment. Cadre has been managing recruitment in the transportation business in Canada and the United States since its inception in 2004.

Working for some of the industry’s largest and most innovative Transit manufacturing and service firms throughout the world has helped us get a better grasp of light, commuter, heavy, and freight rail networks.

Our Framework

Cadre’s services have developed over time, as the company has taken on more technical responsibility. Recognizing the value of a comprehensive service work package, Cadre now provides self-managed, stand-alone teams of technicians to some of North America’s largest rail companies based on project requirements, allowing for FAC and vehicle changes.

Successful Recruiting

Cadre is currently engaged in and has successfully recruited for Team Leads to Executive level positions including:

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To learn more about the many ways Cadre serves the transportation industry, or for answers to specific questions, please contact us directly.
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