Mass Transportation Recruitment Services

Temporary Contracting / Project Staff Augmentation

For short and long-term tasks, Cadre provides a qualified and trustworthy resource. Cadre’s prospects are so good that our clients frequently want to hire them on a permanent basis. For each contractor, Cadre is the employer of record providing Worker Compensation coverage and all payroll remittances as per federal and State/Provincial standards.

Direct Hire

Cadre‘s Technical Recruiters all have a hands-on understanding of transit projects whether it’s operations, delivery, maintenance or modification and provide a seasoned network of candidates specific to the transportation industry.

Fully Managed Work Packages

As a natural evolution to providing highly trained technical staff to our transportation clients for the last 20 years, Cadre currently provides fully managed projects with P&L responsibility. Under this scenario, we do not provide you with hourly contract labour, rather we provide a fixed price to complete the assignment or project under our management.

Payroll Services

Cadre is glad to offer payroll services, taking care of all payroll administration so you don’t have to. Our payroll services give you complete freedom when it comes to temporary staffing.

Additional Services

  • Checking references: (including Employment and Education Verification, Credit and Criminal Checks)
  • Tools for evaluating candidates: (including DISC, Workplace Motivators, Attribute Index, Trimetrix, Job Benchmarking, Performance Surveys, and Integration Coaching)
  • Outsourced HR: Cadre provides a full variety of HR consulting services to help your company reach its recruitment objectives.

Get in Touch

To learn more about the many ways Cadre serves the mass transportation industry or for answers to specific questions, please contact us directly.

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